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Healthcare for Women at Every Stage of Life

The providers at UWH of The Carolinas offer the high-quality, patient-focused, value-based care you need at locations throughout our state.

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Congratulations to Carteret Health Care -

Recognized as a 2022 Best Hospital for Maternity Care!

All maternity services provided by Carteret OB GYN Associates

Quality Care Services

Our care centers are focused on the quality healthcare you need as a woman throughout every stage of your life. With over 300 physicians in 38 independent practices, we have convenient locations in 17 counties across North and South Carolina. Our experienced and caring providers are here for you when you need obstetrical and gynecological services.


Experiencing difficulties with bladder control or pelvic floor weakness? Providers at UWH of The Carolinas that specialize in urogynecology can help diagnose and treat your particular condition.

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Managing your menopause symptoms properly can help you live a more enjoyable life as you encounter changes in your body as a woman.

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In-House Laboratory Services

At UWH of The Carolinas, our in-house laboratory services are convenient for you and provide a quick and efficient turnaround for test results that can make a difference in your health and well-being.

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Gynecological Surgeries

You may need a procedure or surgery for a gynecological condition. Rest assured that our healthcare professionals at UWH of The Carolinas have the experience and the expertise to guide you through a safe and successful surgery.

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When you are experiencing certain post-menopausal symptoms, such as vaginal dryness and pain, a procedure known as the MonaLisa Touch® can help.

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Obstetrical & Reproductive Services

Are you thinking about having a baby? Are you pregnant and want the best care available for yourself and your baby? A UWH of The Carolinas obstetrician will be by your side through pre-conceptual counseling, prenatal care, labor and delivery management, and postpartum services.

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Gynecological & Wellness Services

From preventative exams to the treatment of conditions you may experience as a woman, our gynecological professionals provide the highest quality healthcare for your specific needs.

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From puberty through menopause and
beyond, our Providers offer high-quality,
patient-focused care.

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The first step towards better health is making an appointment with a UWH of The Carolinas. You will then experience the high-quality, patient-centered, evidence-based care that distinguishes us from other medical groups.

Scheduling an appointment is easy and convenient. So get started on your journey to a healthier you today!

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Providers at UWH of The Carolinas listen to your questions and provide the answers you need to realize the healthiest version of you

UWH of The Carolinas is an exceptional network of over 300 physicians, nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives, who collectively strive to set a new standard for women’s care. We made a proactive decision to work together due to the benefits it brings our patients. From knowledge sharing and best practices to cost savings and increased efficiencies through a centralized business office, we can stay focused on what we do best and make a direct impact on the accessibility, affordability and overall quality of healthcare. When you choose a UWH of The Carolinas, you can be assured that your needs come first and we will see you through every health milestone and moment. Located throughout the Carolinas, you can find a provider who is the best fit for you.

What you should expect depends upon the reason for your visit. It could be the first time you seek gynecologic care, the discovery you are newly pregnant, the need to address pelvic health issues or the desire to find a new provider after just moving into the area. Regardless of why you are coming to UWH of The Carolinas, what you should always expect is to feel welcomed in a warm manner, feel comfortable in any area of our facility or office, and feel you have received the respect and attention you deserve. We will prepare you as much as possible before you arrive, so that from the moment you step through our doors to the time you leave, you are confident that you are receiving the best care possible.

Patient Reviews

Overall patient rating for UWH of The Carolinas:

Gynecological Exams

Dr. Sheshadri is an excellent provider. He is thorough and sensitive to the needs of his patients.

Gynecological Exams

Dr Hatch always makes me feel comfortable and not just like another number coming in.

Breast Exam

Dr Veazey is a one of a kind type of doctor you can only be too lucky to find yourself a patient of. She always takes ALL the time needed to answer all your questions & concerns. I feel in the best hands with Dr Veazey and she really knows her patients and it truly feels like she is your own personal doctor. I wish everyone had a Dr Veazey!

IUD Insertion / Removal

Dr. Benavides took time to ease my anxiety and walked me through the entire process.

Annual Well Woman Exam

I was greeted with smiles as soon as I walked in the office. Then Leta was such a professional and happy nurse. Then Dr. Reeves was a very pleasant and caring. He explained what was going on and talked about what to expect. The entire team made me feel comfortable and that I had made the right choice for my medical needs.

Annual Well Woman Exam

Dr. Roche is always warm and welcoming, and very easy to talk to.

Annual Well Woman Exam

Nurses and Dr Lindel are compassionate and caring

OB Care

Scarlet was thorough yet efficient, and considerate of my questions and concerns.

Gynecological Exams

Dr. Scherer is very personable. She listened very careful. Excellent feedback with good information. Great experience and would recommend her.

Annual Well Woman Exam

Dr. Larabee is and has always been great. He listens to all your concerns and makes you feel relaxed. He is a very caring person, which makes him the absolute best at what he does.

Breast Exam

She was very kind and helpful. She listened to me, did a thorough exam, came up with a plan of action and asked if I was ok with it. I believe she even called to follow up on how I was as I cancelled a work-in appointment in case I was not better.

Gynecological Problem Visit

Dr Walsh was good at explaining the results of my ultra sound.

IUD Insertion / Removal

Jessica Helminen was so professional and kind. She made sure I was as comfortable as I could be for a procedure such as this. She told me to breathe through the process and told me step by step what I would be feeling and experiencing. She came back at the end to answer any questions I had and told me to come back if I felt anything wasn't right.

Post-Partum Appointment

Nurse and provider very attentive and listened to my questions/concerns

Annual Well Woman Exam

As always the staff was very friendly and extremely professional. No long wait.

Physical Exam / Check-up

I am always treated well and receive excellent care

Annual Well Woman Exam

Dr. Beatty provides detailed information and is thorough, professional and kind.

Treatment / Procedure

All the staff is so nice and attentive. I was only there for like 10mins tops so it was really nice to have a cool and quick visit.

New Patient Visit

The receptionist at the front desk was friendly and patient with me while I tried to figure out my new insurance information. The nurse who brought me back for my vitals and questions was very attentive. And Dr. Richardson was absolutely fantastic. She walked me through every process she provided explanations for problems I was having and she was easy to talk to and very kind.

Annual Well Woman Exam

Dr Scherer is an excellent doctor