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Our office offers women a health care experience based on nurturing, trust, and empowerment. Our goal is to promote not just good gynecologic health but full health in body, mind, and spirit. Our aim is to include you as an active participant in your own wellness. Together we can integrate complementary and alternative medicine with the best of evidenced-based Western medicine to form a unique health plan for you. Dr. Motyka is not practicing Obstetrics or doing deliveries.

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    Patient Reviews

    Overall patient rating for For Women:

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    Dr. Elizabeth Motyka is a thoughtful, thorough and deeply caring physician. It is always a pleasure to see her and reassuring to be in her care.

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    Dr Motyka has an intrinsic way of knowing what you need before you even do

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    Yes. I love that Dr. Motyka takes the time to ask questions and listen to my challenges. And she had some great solutions for me this year.

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    All my questions were answered

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    Dr. Motyka is a curious provider. She listens to my concerns about my health, including issues that may extend beyond gynecological issues, and applies her deep medical knowledge and compassion to offer solutions, guidance, and practical next steps. She is comprehensive and curious about straightforward and potentially more complex. I credit her with helping me to navigate menopause in a satisfying way and will look to her, together w/my PCP and other providers, to help keep me healthy.

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    Dr M is so thorough and caring!

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    Because Dr Motyka is a kind, thorough, thoughtful practitioner.

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    Dr. Motyka knows her medicine and is also a caring human. The staff is similarly human and capable.

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    Dr. Motyka addressed all my concerns and answered all my questions

    Annual Well Woman Exam

    Dr. Motyka is knowledgeable and very caring. She really listens.